Why We Changed

Many thanks and appreciation to the previous leadership which led AIMA for 20 amazing years. But like the rest of the world, marketing has changed. And 2020 changed things a lot. So we paused, took a long look at ourselves and had many discussions that unearthed a hard reality. We needed to change things if we wanted to stay relevant.

While there are many places to learn best practices and listen to thought leaders, there really hasn’t been any true community of marketers who looked to each other for camaraderie, support or meaningful conversations. A community where we can inspire and celebrate each other. Worry less about “how” and focus on nurturing our “why”.

Welcome to Fuse. Now, let the fun begin.


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From Our Board

Hear from our board firsthand on why they felt the change was needed, what you can expect moving forward, and how we hope to change the dynamics of corporate sponsorships in our community.

The Team

Lisa Martin Headshot

Lisa Martin


Lisa became part of the Atlanta marketing community after being transferred by Initiative Media to work on the BellSouth team. Since then she worked for numerous agencies and clients, and decided that she really wanted to help small companies in an advisory role. She opened Media & Marketing Advisors in 2020. She is the mother of two adult daughters, and three grand doggies. She loves traveling when not planning a marketing strategy for clients.

Wayne Pelletier Headshot

Wayne Pelletier

Wayne came up working at renowned Atlanta digital agencies as a designer, art director and creative director. He has helped some of the world's best brands with award-winning design and customer experiences. Wayne started Resonant Pixel Company with a simple mission: to deliver professional, custom websites for leaders who need to move quickly and constantly while improving cost predictability and protecting their cash flow.

Jason Prance Headshot

Jason Prance


Over the past 20 years, Jason has launched dozens of startups and worked with Fortune 100 companies on the agency side. Jason currently works at SCS, a brand performance marketing agency, as SVP of Strategy and consults with small businesses and non-profits in Atlanta.

Trey Toler Headshot

Trey Toler

Trey is a seasoned advertising professional with a decade of experience. His mission in both his career and life is to create connections that are as unbreakable as diamonds, without the hefty price tag. As a stand-up comedian, avid volunteer, and author, Trey is deeply passionate about making a positive impact both locally and globally.

Adam Walker Headshot

Adam Walker

VP of Marketing

Husband. Father of five (six). Serial Entrepreneur. Wearer of fedoras. Nonprofit co-founder. Podcast host at Tech Talk Y’all and Real Pink. Most recently, I co-founded Edgewise.Media, a podcast-first marketing content agency, and TogetherLetters.com, a software for keeping people connected without social media.

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